Don’t Bring Me No Bad News

6 Jul

So this morning my coworker who’s been married for nearly eight years tells me that she and her husband are separating. Apparently he’s been cheating for some years now and she’s finally had enough. She switched the locks on his infidel ass and is pursuing legal separation. She was quite calm about it all quietly giving me the blow-by-blow as we stood between two solemnly gray cubes. To use her own words, she has already “emotionally checked-out.” The news saddened me (to the point of near tears — I’m sensitive and currently suffering through menses). Although I did not view their relationship as ideal, I thought she was at least moderately happy in her marriage.

An hour or so later over lunch another coworker updated me on his brother’s marital fiasco. Apparently he’s been cheating as well and wants to pursue a divorce. The two haven’t had sex in a year (for reasons currently unknown). They’ve  been married almost three years and have a young son just like the aforementioned couple.

Although I don’t know the ins and outs of either situation, I find the news disheartening as a single black woman in her early 30s.

I’d actually like a healthy and happy lifelong commitment with a man some day. Go figure.

To add some “levity” to this post here’s a link to a couple of disturbingly hilarious voice-mails left by some loser.  Oh the joys of dating …

Thanks Magazines and Chocolate for the link!


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