Girl Power: Feminism, Self-Love, An Such

30 Aug

So it began with me catching a bit of Gloria: In Her Own Words an interesting HBO documentary profiling the life of feminist writer and activist Gloria Steinem. During the documentary Gloria said, “We are becoming the men we wanted to marry” apparently one of her well-known quotes. I was moved by the statement, so of course I Googled it which lead me to this post by Gala Darling that shares a touching email from one of her blog readers Crosby. In the email Crosby explains that she performed a brilliant self-marriage ceremony in a garden in San Diego. The act was to affirm the deep love that Crosby had for herself. In the email she wrote, “I decided I wanted to do something, a sort of celebration & commitment to myself, to affirm that no matter what happened, or who left or died or wouldn’t or couldn’t show up in relationship with me, blah blah blah, that I was committed to being all of those things, mother, lover, best friend etc, for myself.” Here, here Crosby! We should all take note.

So naturally I wanted to know more about this Gala Darling. Apparently she’s a fashionista, blogger proclaiming a gospel of “radical self-love.” She recently started a bootcamp on the subject in my former home of NYC. Side note: I really love her wedding photo (digging the hot pink).

And since we’re talking self-love and feminism,  you know I must recommend bell hooks’s (of course) Rock My Soul: Black People and Self-Esteem and Communion: The Female Search for Love.

What’s a black girl to do? Love yourself!


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