PG County Dream Chasers: Demetria Lucas + Andrea Pippins

31 Aug

Image courtesy of A Belle in Brooklyn blog

Demetria Lucas, a relationship expert for Essence magazine, has recently released her first book A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-to Girl for Advice on Living Your Best Single Life. In the book, Demetria advises women on how to survive and thrive singledom, offering a hopeful perspective for black women. A fellow NYU grad and Prince George’s (PG) County native, she was just profiled in The RootDC advising single women to simply “be confident.” Demetria shares,

Just to be happy, to be friendly, to be slightly outgoing, and to be confident? That’s very powerful. That’s very powerful and its very attractive. It’s attractive to be all dressed up in pearls and blah blah blah, but it’s also attractive in a wife beater and sweatpants in the middle of this heat wave. A wife beater and shorts.

You can also check out her popular blog of the same name — A Belle in Brooklyn. I enjoyed this post. Reciprocity — now that’s a good word for ya …

Image courtesy of Fly blog

Andrea Pippins is a graphic designer who I believe graduated from my high school (Team Largo). Andrea is the creator of the hit blog Fly. She describes it as “a journal of all things beautiful, creative, and inspirational.”  Andrea has designed logos and storyboards for TV Land, greeting cards for Hallmark, and sneakers for Converse. I’m enamoured with her I Love My Hair series, a campaign for natural hair. To check out and even purchase some of her work (yes — you too can buy the I Love My Hair prints!) explore Andrea’s web site.

Take a bow ladies — you inspire us all!


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