Hip Hip for the Home Teams!

13 Sep

So the Washington Redskins actually beat the New York Giants in yesterday’s game.  I was surprised! Disclaimer, I am not an avid watcher of sports. There was a phase in high school (circa Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls, three-peat and all)  but that was short-lived. And I tend to just support teams with players I find attractive, that’s my winning strategy. Seriously.

I don’t follow sports partly because I feel if I invest hours of my time and life watching and cheering for the home team (or whatever hot team of choice), them bammas better win. I can’t get that time back! The return on the investment, just isn’t there. Secondly, I also wish there could be two winners. Call me Ms. Utopia but I feel that athletes work so hard and losing has got to be devastating after all they’ve sacrificed (yes, they’re getting paid but still the physical toll their bodies endure is unfathomable to me).  I also have issues with the inflated egos many athletes tend to have and as I eluded to before the physical rigor of being a professional athlete and the subsequent long-term emotional and physical effects bothers me regardless of how many millions the players may or may not make. Furthermore, the team owners are the one’s making the crazy bank—the players are merely pawns in the game. But I digress… Give the people what they want…

The Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens won yesterday—let’s hear it for the home boys!  In honor of their win I thought I’d mention one of the ‘skin players Oshiomogho Isaac “O.J.” Atogwe; partily because I think he’s hot. But more importantly I like the meaning of his name—Oshiomogho. It means “God owns the day.” How true is that?! That’ll be my mantra.

To learn about this Stanford grad and man of faith, here’s an article from The Washington Times. (Of course, he’s married.)

Oshiomogho Atogwe (image courtesy of http://www.redskins.com)


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