There is a time for everything. #Ecclesiastes 3

4 Oct

So today my dad tells me that one of our long-time neighbors is getting married for the first time. She’s my parents age (so 60-ish) and has at least one grown son perhaps two. Better late than never, I suppose …

She seems sweet from what I’ve observed over the years and I have to give it to her, anyone who gets on my dad’s good side practically deserves sainthood. She’s marrying a love from many years ago. Obviously it didn’t work out the first time.  The fellow went onto marry another woman who recently passed away this July. Later this month the freshly widowed man will be  marrying my neighbor. Someone cue up Shalamar please.

I couldn’t believe it!? Have we thrown mourning etiquette out the window with face-to-face communication, CDs, and incandescent light bulbs? But it’s okay; apparently as the former wife lay dying, she begged my neighbor to marry him. Really!?  She was definitely on some higher spiritual plane than yours truly.  (Or could this be delirium caused by her impending death?) I would haunt his ass from the grave if given the option.

This isn’t the first instance of this “on-to-the-next-one, the fast-forward edition” philosophy among those residing in the neighborhood of my childhood. Another dude’s wife passed away from cancer (I think that was the cause) and before I knew it he had a much-younger (of course) girlfriend. As my aunt would say, “What the heaven?”  Homie didn’t skip a beat.


It’s saddening to hear but I suppose I’m not surprised. My ex began dating three months after I ended our 4.5-year relationship. Is this just what men do? Is this how they handle heart-ache? Insert new chick here.  A few of my girlfriends seems to think so. I try to stay out of the generalization business but it does bring one to pause.

But then I’ll play these two songs whose lyrics speak more to my heart’s sentiment.

“We’re moving like we never see pain.”  Raphael Saadiq, People

“Feel alone and you want somebody. Loneliness whispers desperate measures. Baby don’t make no fast moves.”  Mos Def, Climb


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