Miranda’s Logic

6 Oct

So I was discussing this theory with a coworker today. I agree with Miranda in that when many (perhaps most) men are ready to “settle down,” they simply decide to do so one day and make it happen.

Perhaps they’ve done all of their whoring and are ready to enter the world of long-lasting monogamy. Once the decision towards commitment has been made, it usually doesn’t take him long to find “the one.” My married coworker argued that it isn’t that easy for a man to find a life partner. I disagree. Women abound.  And by the sheer quantity of my gender, it makes it easier for a man to come across his version of “the one.”

What are your thoughts? Do we really have to get a man while his light is on? And when actually is that? Once they’re mid to late 30s and have sewn every wild oat imaginable? Eww. Who wants those left-overs?

I’ve seriously dated a couple of guys with a proclivity for commitment and they weren’t pushing 40 nor were they former sluts.  So I don’t think there’s no hard and fast rule, thankfully. Some men desire commitment while others don’t; the same can be said for women. And to each her/his own.

But if we’re speaking in generic terms, Miranda’s spot on.


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