Romance on the Radio

12 Oct

Recently, I’ve heard quite a few interesting discussions regarding romantic relationships on the radio.

First there were the tidbits that I caught from The Audrey Chapman Show on Saturday. The title of the show was Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt. There was one thing that Audrey shared that really resonated with me. She basically said that we have total control over who we let into our lives – nothing new here but nevertheless profound. And I feel we oftentimes don’t recognize nor respect this power. The person you pick for a partner is exactly that, the person you pick for a partner. We have sole control, czars of our hearts if you will. And in a world where circumstance and chance (among other factors) choose to thwart or excel our carefully-calculated life plan, I find it comforting to know that I run this. Audrey will be giving a presentation continuing the discussion at Mount Zion Baptist Church this Saturday.

While driving to work yesterday I actually missed Russ Parr’s advice to women on how to get a man to commit. Is there some sort of formula? And the onus is on us women right? Makes perfect sense. And of course, the show archives are not included on the web site. If you heard his commentary, please drop me a line. I attempted to download the app to my phone but I don’t feel like I should have to go through all of that. The ish should be available online. Step it up Russ!

Then there was a interesting story on online dating in China on Marketplace. I’ll be signing up for e-Harmony once I can afford it 🙂  I’ve heard good things.

And of course there was Steve Harvey’s Strawberry Letter. I used to be a fan of the bit. Yesterday’s letter was from a young woman complaining about her “frisky” 50-something boss who tends to bed men “prematurely” and by prematurely I mean after 8 hours of initial contact. The boss is desperately seeking a partner for a serious relationship but is having no such luck. Who is?  I would post the actual letter but as it stands the web site of the pseudo-relationship expert is down. Why is technology failing me?  Anywho, Harvey responded in typical backwards-ass fashion, proclaiming that no man wants a woman who gives it up so freely and quickly. Just argh Harvey. I’m so over the double-standard. Why is it okay for men to express their sexuality freely and not women? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander dammit. If you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife, you can’t turn a hoe into a husband right?

And it just so happens that most men are …

I couldn’t resist.


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