Gotta Have It

20 Oct

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So I heard tidbits of this video this morning on NPR and I had to post it. Call me late to the party. The NPR article mentions that the current Occupy protests seemed to have sprung out of the creators of this iPhone commercial, Adbusters an anti-consumerism magazine. Who knew?

I’ve been thinking about the intersections of capitalism, consumerism, and advertising lately.  You know our society’s emphasis on purchasing this and that. Steve Stoute recently released a book, The Tanning of America: How Hip Hop Created a Culture that Rewrote the Rules of the New Economy.  Drake’s Sprite commercials come immediately to mind.  Mr. Stoute is the mastermind behind the brand marketing firm Translation LLC responsible for McDonald’s I’m Lovin’ It campaign with Justin Timberlake and Chris Brown’s Wrigley’s commercial a precursor to his hit song Forever. But you get the point, culture merges with consumerism and consumption.

In Bowling for Columbine, Marilyn Manson said, “It’s a campaign of fear and consumption.” I concur.


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