From His Lips to Her What?

3 Nov

Last Friday night I attended the Relationship Tour From His Lips to Her Ears at the Temple of Praise church in DC. It featured six self-proclaimed Christian, educated, and “professional” men.  Some were single and others married. All were black.  The intent of the discussion was to provide insight into the mindset of the typical Christian, educated, and “professional” male. (I’m assuming black male although this was not clearly stated.) The host for the evening, a young black male, noted that in order to know what men think, you must ask them.

Fair enough. I listened.

Now here’s my critique (nevertheless). First of all, I take issue with the idea that all men think and act alike. We’re all individuals. Some drink the koolaid, while others do not  — and some just sip occasionally.  But perhaps the goal was to provide the audience with variant heterosexual male perspectives. Let’s hope so.  Secondly, I felt the discussion provided no new information, nor offered clear direction/takeaways for the audience members. I left (early) asking, what was the point? And thinking, tell me something I don’t know.

Also in order to have a discussion regarding healthy heterosexual relationships, shouldn’t women be involved in the bloody dialogue? Granted the panelists did entertain questions from the audience which included women but that doesn’t suffice. Furthermore, the discussion didn’t even address the lack of desirable black men in society at large for black women to actually couple with. I’m not even going to address the Christian component, cause we all know that women (predominantly single) fill most church pews (or at least in the black church).

Thank God it was free.

Let the church say amen.


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