“Heavy” D

8 Nov

To one of the greatest who’s ever done it. He and The Boyz ran the 90s — banger after banger. So sad to die so young and after he had lost the weight, overcoming such a challenge.  Slight digression:  Why do black men die so friggin’ young; even when some actually make an attempt to take care of themselves? Absolutely maddening! We lost Guru last year at the age of 48 and now Heavy at 44.

Here’s one of my favorites from Heavy D & The Boyz. “Many are called but the chosen are few.”  (I know that’s right.)

And for those who didn’t know, Heavy released a reggae CD (Vibes) four years ago. I liked it.

Here’s a tune from Vibes. It’s not my favorite but it’s pretty good.

And I didn’t know he just released a CD last month Love Opus, always on the grind.

RIP Heavy. Thanks for the great music that brought good times and vibes for us all. You were truly a gift!

ps I wonder if he was pissed that he was still referred to as “Heavy” even after he slimmed down? Hmmm …


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