14 Nov

What’s up with men with stereo-typically attractive wives, feeling compelled to lecture yours truly on the unimportance of physical attraction?  What the heaven? #Aunt Sallie

I vividly remember a friend’s husband trying to hook me up with one of his friends who I wasn’t particularly feeling in the looks department.  I retortted in my usual sarcastic fashion. Something to the effect of, “Yeah that’s why you married my friend” — the cheerleader poster child.

And just today a coworker tried to spoon-feed me that same day-old BS. “Physical attraction isn’t the most important thing.”  I agree but it’s necessary. Lust is essential in a romantic relationship especially in the days of youth. Period.

So I maintain hope that I’ll meet someone who is good to/and for me and whose bones I’d actually like to jump. 🙂

Semper fi!


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