Men of the DMV

5 Jan

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So this blog post ruffled some feathers of a coworker, naturally so because he’s a native of Prince George’s County and has lived in this area most of his life aside from his years in undergrad. In fact, he said he could “wipe his ass” with this blog post. Yes, he’s a charmer.  In the post, men of the DMV are given a failing grade.  I freely admit the author of the post is superficial and immature with misplaced values, however I feel there are kernels of truth in her descriptions of DMV men and dating life. Case in point the lackluster wardrobe (not that that’s a dealbreaker for me) for DC metropolitan men. The locals are pretty basic but like I said wardrobe is immaterial (for the most part). Also the author noted that impact of the lack of available men and how this dearth disfavors women of the area, but that could be said in any imbalanced dating scenario.  Right?

How would you rate DMV men and your dating experiences with them?

Thanks to my BFF for sending me the blog post!


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