21 Jan

Why is culture so damn expensive?  A ticket for the documentary Dark Girls was $35.oo plus a $12.00 fee totaling a whopping $47.00 — that’s the clothing equivalent to a pair of jeans or a cute dress on sale.

I really wanted to see it last night but my girlfriend and I didn’t want to pay nearly $50 to see a flick. To quote my friend, “Operation live below my means is in full effect.” Indeed.

I guess we’ll have to catch it on DVD or something. We opted to feed our bellies instead.   🙂

The film trailer is below. Perhaps Bill Duke will do another tour offering cheaper tickets. Here’s to hoping.


side note: The movie Red Tails opened this weekend and all blacks are being pressured to support it.  I dig it (somewhat) but who’s going to  support me? 😐

Here’s the trailer.




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