The BG Romance Report

25 Apr

Do you need more info on black love and relationships?  Haven’t tired of the topic … I might be approaching my max.

If you live in NYC this relationship forum might appeal to you. I’m not sure  if they’ll  be any “experts” self-proclaimed or otherwise on-hand but it should be interesting at the very least and serve as a good opportunity to mingle. It’s sponsored by Together Apart an alleged relationship academy, so it should serve up more than fluff — anything else would be libel right?  I hope it doesn’t prove to be counterproductive. If someone actually does decide to attend, do let me know how it goes.

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of  Philly Open Air Church in North Philadelphia is weighing in on the subject of the unmarried black woman with his new book Call Tyrone: “Why Black Women Should Remain Single Or …”  Okay, so what the hell is “or”?  I guess that’s why you need to buy the book. Opinions are like assholes right? 🙂

However, I’m really curious as to what bell hooks has to say on the topic given the current climate.  Now that would be a book worth purchasing. I guess I’ll have to just reread her trilogy on love.

This week at church my pastor will be discussing dating and relationships in particular, addressing singles. And I can’t wait to learn his perspective. Here’s a sneak peak (or so I think).

You can view the sermon online at 8:30, 10:00, 11:30, or 1:00 EST this Sunday.

And lest we forget Think Like a Man.  I have no desire to see this film but of course I’m surrounded by people who would like to. I’ll let you know if I actually cave. A coworker said the film was excellent. Have you seen it? What’s your opinion? Does it offer more than Steve Harvey’s babble regurgitated in film form?

My advice to BGs all over the world? Do what brings you joy. Period.

And remember —


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