My Annual Pap

5 Jul

I recently tried a new gynecologist after my former one charged me a late-fee for not showing for an appointment. I needed brakes for my car and I did call! Anywho, there was something different about my experience with this new doc — beyond the fact that my vagina “welcomed” a new explorer. The new doc without provocation or questioning on my part kindly explained to me that it was not too late for me to have children.

Excuse me?!

She went on to say that I should not be concerned with my biological clock and that the danger zone for conception is actually 40 — not 35 like most seem to believe. She was actually quite nice about it all and mentioned that she feels that most doctors choose not to address this matter with their patients. I can’t blame her for wanting to cover all her bases. My former gynecologist never provided any guidance for having a baby and perhaps that was bad on her part. Just because I am single does not mean I’m disinterested in having a child of my  own. I told the doc that I wasn’t worried and I actually had a couple of cousins who had children in their 40s — it might not be ideal but it’s not impossible.  She ended with when you’re ready  to start trying just let us know six months in advance.

When, not if? 

I guess I was weirded about the whole ordeal because I am slowly approaching the danger zone. I  turned 34 last month. And unfortunately for us women we don’t have oodles and noodles of time to birth a child, should that be our choice.  Thank God there’s an app for that!



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