Same Old, Same Old [Dating & Mating in the DMV]

30 Jul

So tonight I went to Busboys and Poets to attend this panel discussion on love and relationships in the African-American community sponsored by Krystal Glass.  The panel was to include the creators of web site Black Love and Marriage, Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at; author of Bitch is the New Black, Helena Andrews; founder of Wifey in Training, NeeCee Simmons; co-creator of the blog Very Smart Brothas, Panama Jackson; and Jamal Muhammed, host of the radio show The Luv Lounge.

I can’t comment on the actual panel discussion because I chose not to stay.


Because the audience was filled women, as per usual. There were two men in the audience and I think one of them came with writer Helena Andrews. And secondly, they were charging people $20 to participate in this rubbish. I can sit around in the comfort of my own home and discuss the topic with my single girlfriends for free!

And isn’t the dearth of datable, single black men in the Washington, DC metropolitan area the crux of the “black love bond” that Ms. Glass seeks to explore? The only people seemingly concerned with the dating dynamics in the DMV are single black women and it’s sad.

Sad and hard.

As the late Amy Winehouse croons in Nas’s Cherry Wine, “Where is he, the man who is just like me ….?”

And my fellow sisters and wondering the same fucking thing.


Yes I am presently stalking Nasir Jones hence the links and yes I know he’s a misogynistic philanderer. I still like him and quite frankly he’s still hot pushing 40. I love it when a man keeps himself together!

Check it!



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