Michael Baisden

31 Jul

Why does he make me wanna burn his eyebrows off?

I’m not a frequent listener to his show but I do get bored easily with music and commercials so I’m a constant channel surfer. I need satellite radio and/or an Ipod adapter! Add that to the ever-growing wish list.

Anywho — today Baisden told the story of a man who proposed to a woman and the radio show host referred to the engagement ring as a “shut-up ring.” I believe his exact words were, “So he gave her the shut-up ring …”

That’s what we’re calling it these days? A shut-up ring?! I can’t believe he has 8 million listeners on any given day. 😐

No marriage isn’t for everyone, but if a man feels he needs to “put a ring on it” just to silence a woman’s desire for marriage he needn’t do it. And I resent the insinuation that all women are clamoring for a husband incessantly. We’re not!  And believe it or not Baisden, there are some men who actually desire to wed and of these men, include some who are clamoring for  wives (gasp).

Check out these stylish soon-to-be-marrieds. (I can’t believe I am just seeing this video now.)


2 Responses to “Michael Baisden”

  1. Shay August 1, 2012 at 3:59 pm #

    I mainly listen to his show because I enjoy the music he plays. I also have my moments where I want to “burn his eyebrows off”!!! =)

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