Local Find: Mrs. K’s Tollhouse Restaurant

1 Aug

(courtesy of Bellzatk fllickr)

Last Sunday a friend and I had brunch at Mrs. K’s Tollhouse Restaurant in Silver Spring, MD. I have driven by this place countless times, thinking I’m going to eat there one day. And I finally made it happen.

The food was quite tasty and there was a smorgasbord of everything from crab legs, bread pudding, freshly-made omelettes and waffles, to grits, bacon, steamed shrimp, smoked salmon, and cheesecake. It was layed out. And the garden right behind the restaurant is absolutely beautiful. Great photo-ops if you’re into that sorta thing.

If you decide to brunch-it, I suggest you make reservations cause it was plenty crowded. The cost is $30 with a bottomless non-alcoholic beverage included.


2 Responses to “Local Find: Mrs. K’s Tollhouse Restaurant”

  1. Little Sis August 2, 2012 at 11:07 pm #

    Your picture stopped me cold. I grew up in Silver Spring and we drove by Mrs. K’s just about every day. Never made it in. Glad to hear somebody actually went and enjoyed it! Always loved seeing the garden!

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