Married & Sexless?

22 May

I was reading by way of and I came across this devastating letter from an unhappily married woman.

Can you believe it?  Yes the “husband”  is reprehensibly irresponsible, an impostor,  and all sorts of weird but what struck me was their 4.5 years of celibacy. Not having sex at all while you’re married! That’s in-DAMN-sane.  A good friend who’s divorced once said that sex is the first thing to go in a marriage (maybe, maybe not…) but in this case the screw-fest hasn’t even started. I’m surprised home girl has stayed as long as she has. God bless her. I guess she actually meant “for better or worse” in her vows, huh?  But when is worse enough to walk away?

I say she has reason to give him his walking papers for sure. What do you think?  I mean, he just totally flipped the script on her. She did not marry the man she thought she did. It’s a sad situation to say the least. Just another reminder that marriage is not a panacea — some folk are just married and that’s all. So before you say “I do” try your best to make sure the person is worth the sacrifice.

If you’d like to read the advice given to the author of the letter click here.

And I’ll leave you with this classic from the lovely ladies, Salt-N-Pepa (and Spin of course). Aren’t they just awesome?


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