Furlough = Back to the Blog

2 Oct

I know it’s been awhile; let’s just say it’s been an active summer. So active I’ve lost 28 lbs. Woo hoo! I still have a few more to lose (per the doctor’s orders) but apparently I’ll run the risk of looking “too thin” if I shed any more weight according to some. I do carry my weight well, kinda always have which can be a blessing and a curse. So I’m sure to most onlookers I already appear to be at my goal weight (150 lbs). Last Sunday at church someone asked me to turn around so she could check out my rear end because she just couldn’t believe that I weighed as much as I currently do.  Funny right? Ass check in the house of the Lord.

Another “odd” thing — the discrepancies between black standards of female beauty and mainstream female beauty. Generally speaking, white culture seems to value rail thin women (a la Kate Moss) while black culture values thickness/curves. As rapper Wale said in his song Pretty Girls (Remix), “I’m try’na find a sister with the measurements of Nicki” (however grossly manufactured).  Sadly all women are  caught in the crossfire of what a primarily male-driven society deems attractive.  

I object.

And Wale can suck it!


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