Why Must the World Be Such a Nag?

27 Jan
Courtesy of Ritani.com

Courtesy of Ritani.com

It’s a new year. Congrats on still being here!

Although it’s a new year, I seem to still be plagued with questions regarding my relationship status. I’m glad everyone’s so concerned. #sarcasm

A security guard that I used to be semi-chummy with recently returned after a two-year hiatus. During our first reacquaintance convo he asked me, “So have you changed your life?” And I, understandably, gave him a puzzled look in response. Then he goes onto ask, “Have you gotten married?”

Of course!

The only significant life change that could have possibly occurred within the last two years is the modification of my relationship status. I stretched my hands toward him and asked, “Do you see any rings on these fingers?” I know he means well. I’m sure they all do. But really, if something has drastically changed in my romantic life let me be the one to express it; after all it is my life to share.

Recently a married coworker, remarked that she still didn’t see any ring on my finger. No Joan, I did not get hitched during the holidays. And I shouldn’t omit the inquiry at Thanksgiving dinner. My sister’s old roommate whom I haven’t seen in years asked me if I was dating someone; just completely out of the blue. We weren’t discussing relationships, marriage, or anything remotely close the topic of romance. I should mention the previous encounters I mentioned above followed the same pattern–investigation without provocation. I told my sister’s former roommate that I was not dating anyone seriously. I didn’t bother to ask her if she was seeing someone special because I honestly didn’t and don’t care. And I guess that’s the piece which adds insult to injury. I’m not at all concerned with the romantic affairs of others (apart from my close friends and family). I’m not wandering around the office asking the married folk if they’re still screwing their spouses after decades of marriage. Because (a) I don’t give a shit, and (b) it’s none of my business. Nor did I ask a now former coworker why she’s still unmarried after three years of engagement. She did, however, ask if I was dating anyone.

Perhaps you should try sorting out your own shit, before you digging into mine?

Just a thought.

Check out this article I enjoyed 5 Things to Say the Next Time Someone Asks Why You Aren’t Married.


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