Romancing Online

29 Jan


I started to give online dating a go. Again. I seem to only attract married men in the real world, so why not be more proactive? Right?


It’s only been a few weeks — not long at all. I have yet to meet anyone in person nor converse via telephone. I gave one guy my telephone number early on. He never called. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s to be expected in today’s modern-day dating market. Another young man wanted to do something impromptu which I wasn’t up for; pardon me if I favor a little bit of planning and/or advanced notice. He then suggested that we meet up to exercise. I politely declined the offer but countered with coffee. His response, “I’ll let you know what’s up.”


I haven’t heard a peep from Mr. Spontaneity since.


I was supposed to be meeting another guy for dinner as I sit here typing this post but he has yet to call or text to finalize “our plans.” It’s now 8:02PM. I’m not motivated to contact him — our interaction thus far has been rather mediocre. And I viewed our potential date as a practice run.

I must say there have been plenty of men who have expressed interest thus far which is flattering. I’m currently online chatting with about six or so. One of them lacks basic communication skills. His responses tend to be one-word answers which lead nowhere. I think he’s about to be cordially cut from the roster. He is polite but rather dull.

As far as I can tell, there are plenty of men on the site some of whom claim to be actively seeking a relationship. That’s the good thing about the online approach, the medium is successful at aggregating single and allegedly-single folk. That and you can be rather strategic. How good these online sites are at fostering long-lasting relationships, I’m not so sure about.

But one must try.


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