31 Jan


I freely admit that I find it hard to relate to many men in my age bracket. (I’m 35). It’s difficult to connect and share ideas and common interests. Something as simple as having a stimulating conversation poses a great challenge at times. And I often go around saying that men are crazy; a gross generalization yes but I don’t mean that they’re all insane. I’m sure there are some level-headed ones in the group. I even know a couple.

That being said, I do refer to males as crazy on a regular basis. It’s my go-to response when I hear stories of men and their asinine antics in the romantic realm. But I think it’s time for me to flesh out what crazy actually means for me.

Case in point a recent exchange with a 45 year-old male on this dating site I’m on. Now 45 is my age limit for a romantic interest and if he’s a youthful 45 I could totally be persuaded. I just tend to prefer men closer to my age. This particular 45 year-old neglected to include a picture on his profile. Red flag, yes I know. But again, I’m trying this trying thing.

Here’s his initial message to me:

I enjoyed your profile. You have lovely pictures, I am sure you hear that often. Sorry I don’t have mine posted, but all of my recent pics are with my kids, and I don’t think it’s fair to post one that is 6 years old. Anyway, after reviewing your profile I came away with one unmistakable conclusion. I like you. That simple. [Can someone say dramatic? Another red flag in retrospect.] I want to get to know you so can you leave me a way to send a pic (my kids will be in it) and we can go from there.

So I take the bait and send him my email address. He sends me a couple of pics. I am not impressed and respond with, “Thanks but I’m looking for someone closer to my age. Good luck with your search!” I considered my response to be truthful without being callous. Dude wasn’t a youthful 45. And I thought it would be rude for me to completely ignore the guy.

His response?

“Then why reply at all?”

Now was that called for? I ignored his response. But honestly, I responded to his initial message because I wanted to and it was my choice. Why are you questioning what I choose to do? There’s no need to get all sensitive. Could this be why you’re divorced? I’m sorry if I (a youthful 35, I get mistaken for a 20 something frequently) doesn’t want to entertain the company of an unattractive 45 year-old who looks more like he’s 55. And I’m not trying to imply that age makes you unattractive but rather that I desire someone who takes pride in their appearance and who makes a conscious effort to be healthy and fit. And of course good genes doesn’t don’t hurt matters. 🙂 It really irks me when significantly older men who haven’t particularly aged well approach me for some sort of romantic entanglement.  Just why? Not all women are swayed by the money in your wallet. Perhaps you can spend that cash on some lipo?  But I digress.

Back to crazy.  I consider crazy to be one or more of the following:

  • Emotionally inept
  • Morally/spiritually bankrupt
  • Socially incompetent
  • Intellectually stagnant
  • Physically challenged
  • Financially deficient

What’s your version of crazy?



I just got a text from the guy I was supposed to meet up with on Tuesday night. He never texted or called to finalize “our plans.” Today he says, “Hello how are you doing tonight?”

That shit cray!   #yeezy


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