Questlove Sets Make Me Happy

4 Mar
Courtesy of

Courtesy of

Last Friday I went to hear Questlove deejay at the Howard Theatre. I usually try to catch him when he comes to town. I always have an amazing time minus the one occasion my friend semi-killed my vibe with her self-absorbed antics. Questlove is truly a talented deejay and I’m not the only one who thinks so. His performance just screams true house party — people are dancing, singing, shouting, leaping in the air. Unfortunately, there was one idiot in the crowd who decided to piss on the dance floor.  There’s always one….

And all in all, the experience made me happy. Additional sources of my happiness include long walks outdoors, good music, lounge wear, hot baths, laughter, chai tea latte’s, being warm and toasty when it’s cold outside, typically anything by Anthropologie, the British television series Sherlock, bright and bold colors and patterns, and delicious desserts.

Thanks to Wait But Why I watched this TED Talk by Dan Gilbert a Harvard psychologist and “happiness expert.” Gilbert dissects the difference between synthetic happiness versus natural happiness i.e., “natural happiness is what we get when we get what we wanted, and synthetic happiness is what we make when we don’t get what we wanted.”  It’s very interesting stuff.

What’s on your happiness list?

And here are 10 tips that can help improve your life (backed by scientific research of course). 


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