sub·ter·fuge : an update

27 Mar

So after I received a “Have a wonderful day :-)” text from the impostor, I proceeded to explain to him (via text) that I do not like being deceived and that I’m probably too much of a headstrong, feminist woman for his taste.

The impostor is Nigerian and has only been in the states for four years. He described his first wife (a white American) as a “headstrong” woman who valued women’s liberation and equality. She sounds like my kind of girl. He responded with an apology and claimed that he could explain and wanted us to talk after work.

Why would we need to converse? It’s clearly not him in the photographs.

Here’s a bit of the exchange.



You should feel bad ya bish. I checked his online profile after my friends wanted to see his fake photos. The impostor had removed them.

This is an attempt at dating in 2014. Sigh….

No need to fret.


i complete me










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