Ben Hopper | Natural Beauty Series

16 Apr
Ayan Mohamed. Graduate architecture student.

Ayan Mohamed. Graduate architecture student.

Photographer Ben Hopper recently did a series featuring women with unshaved armpits. According to Hopper, “For almost a century we have been brainwashed by the beauty industry, encouraging hair removal. ‘Natural Beauty’ could be classified as a type of protest.”

I like it.

Women are pressured far too much to be hairless. I freely admit to succumbing to the societal pressure. I too have been brainwashed. Just the other day I rid my pits and legs of their hair. It was 75 degrees out — it seemed like a good time to shed some winter growth. We women remove our unwanted hair like clock-work with little consideration. One friend once told me that she sometimes gets a full Brazilian wax because it makes her feel sexy and her hubby enjoys it. Unfortunately she has to take medication to endure the pain it induces.

I’ve asked two of my past male romantic partners to shave their pubic regions. I didn’t mind their pub-fests per se, the request was more of a test. Neither agreed to tidy up down south.




I really wanted to end the post right there — for sake of climax. But I should be honest. I did have one guy ask me not to shave or trim my lady garden at all.  He likes it au natural. So ladies there are men out there who appreciate a good bush. We women need to learn to do the same.




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