Married in 2 Years or Less?!

18 Jun

Married in 2 years


I’m a member of a number of meetup groups that I usually don’t participate in #gottaworkonthat and I received an email about the program pictured above. I was, of course, immediately annoyed. I’m tired of all the predatory marketing concerning romance camouflaged as dating advice for the single woman, in particular black women. Why aren’t we discussing the fact that in this country black men marry far less than white, Hispanic, and Asian males? Or the fact that black men cheat at higher rates than men of other races? But Kiki is going to instruct me on how to marry one in two years or less for the low cost of $650.00. Wait, I should clarify, Kiki said a man–not  a black man. And btw Kiki Strickland is an African-American woman.

Let me be clear this is not an effort to bash the black male. But context is everything – is it not? I’m just sharing what the research bears out. But it’s more than peer-reviewed, academic research really. I’ve heard the same non-committal romance stories shared by family members and friends. One friend recently shared that she feels that black men in our age group (30s to 40s) practically have to be strong-armed into marriage or at least that’s what she’s observed first-hand. Another woman (40+) agreed. According to her, the black men that she’s seen marry only did so after being given ultimatums. I can see that being the case.  It seems as though women, generally speaking, are always ready to board that commitment train while men eventually climb aboard somewhat reluctantly, if they even get to the train station at all. And for the record, I do not believe in strong-arming tactics nor do I believe that marriage/long-term commitment is the path for all. Live and let live and all of that. I’ve also observed black men marry their long-time girlfriends without any poking or prodding prior to the ages of 30 and 40.

But back to Kiki and her clique of relationship experts/life coaches. I think many of them are more concerned with building their Matchmaking empire than actually fostering healthy romantic relationships between members of the opposite sex. Somebody’s got to get paid. This is America after all where capitalism, consumption, and materialism reign supreme.

And on that note, how many of ya’ll are going to see Think Like a Man Too on Friday?

#sarcasm  🙂




One Response to “Married in 2 Years or Less?!”

  1. Nicole July 12, 2014 at 11:30 am #

    I had little to no interest in going to see Think Like a Man Too. Then, I kept coming across people saying good things about the movie, so now I’m up for watching it if I see it with one of my friends. Otherwise, I’ll probably just catch it on TV or something.

    More importantly, can you direct me to your stats and/or findings that show black men cheating more and marrying less often than men of other races? It would be helpful to read up on the material that supports the claim of black men’s tendency to be non-committal. Based on my own experiences, observances and that of family and friends, I would gather that a reluctance to commit, particularly where marriage is concerned, goes for men and women of all races. The same with cheating.

    It isn’t a black, white, Hispanic, Asian matter. It’s really a matter of…..does he think that she is the one?! Does he want to be with her long-term?! If a man…any man…wants to marry his woman, he will. If he doesn’t see himself being with his other half for the long-term, he won’t. It’s as simple as pie.

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