Mr. White Range

23 Jul

bright spotOn the way home yesterday a man in a white Range Rover beeped at me while we were driving down the highway. I ignored him because that’s what I generally do to strangers. Blame it on the years I spent in NYC. I wasn’t encroaching into his lane so I didn’t see any legitimate reason for him to honk at me.  So I continued my speeding, attempting to mind my own business. I look up and he’s next to me honking again and trying to say something to me with his window now rolled down. We’re both going over the speed limit maybe around 65 mph in thick rush hour traffic.

He yells, “I really like your hair.”

Stunned, I smiled. And thanked the earnest, handsome driver.  Then we continued on our predestined paths.

It was a delightful surprise in what has been a challenging two weeks semi-dating. Or should I say 15 years? But let’s focus on recent disappointments shall we; live in the now and all of that. Last week, I met up with a guy I had been chatting with online and via text. It turns out he lied about his height and was way too wee for my liking. His pictures camouflaged his true size. I was the victim of a strategic optical illusion. Damn these selfies all to hell. I told him that I preferred husky/stocky men. Be honest negro.

And the week before I was stood up by another man after we texted for a couple of weeks. My guess is he’s married. It’ll be another unsolved mystery because I haven’t heard from him since our alleged meet and greet.

Welcome to the wonderful world of online dating.

But Mr. White Range was a needed bright spot. And for that I’m thankful.



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