John Oliver on Love

29 Oct

john oliverA black girl has been busy and particularly lazy in the blogging arena.

So I am looking for a new job; I’d like to experience this Mo Money, Mo Problems notion that Puff Daddy and Biggie rapped about in the 90s.  My office is moving moved deeper into Virginia which as a Marylander I am not too pleased with; additional motivation to jump ship. And my already overly-taxing position has been amped up to DEFCON 5 level in preparation for the the big move. I’ve taken up running in the evenings to deal with the stress. Better to exercise than cultivate a heroin habit at the age of 36 right?

My attempts at dating remain unfruitful. The last guy I met up with told me that “I needed to take what I could get.” This after I declined his invite to my home for movie night. I’m tired of negroes inviting themselves over sans provocation. And why John thought he could come over when our initial face-to-face was 24 hours prior is beyond me. Two days in and you already know where I live? No thanks stranger danger. I don’t even know your last name (and I still don’t).

Anywho I thought these snippets from by John Oliver were rather hilarious and telling.

Would you lock that shit down?


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