Absolutely Fabulous | Solange Knowles & Alan Ferguson

17 Nov

Well if you haven’t heard already, songstress Solange Knowles married boyfriend Alan Ferguson yesterday in New Orleans. And the wedding pictures that have emerged have been nothing short of fierce and fabulous. Now I’m not one to endorse the wedding industrial complex but celebrities actually have the financial wherewithal to indulge and make their wedding dreams a reality. Did you know the average cost of a wedding is about $28,858. That’s more than the price of my car! But I digress.

Here are the stunning photographs from the wedding.

solange 3solange 5 solange 1 solange 2solange 4solange 6









































Now with the release of these pics, some members of the online community claim that Solange and her family have actually “broken the internet” an answer to Kim Kardashian’s goal last week with the release of the Paper magazine issue with her nude rear end on the cover.


solange bti










Fair enough.

And truth be told, the European unmanned spacecraft landing on a speeding comet actually outranked Kim Kardashian’s magazine coverage in the twitter-sphere last week.

Lastly, check out this video of Solange and her seven year-old son, Julez, dancing to No Flex Zone at the wedding reception.



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