Man for Hire

23 Jan

male_escortsNot too long ago my dad suggested that single women should rent men. Yes those words actually left his 70-year-old mouth; he was essentially giving me the go-ahead to hire a “gentleman of the night.” (Side note: As a 36-year-old grown ass woman I know that I don’t need his approval to do anything).

I’m not exactly sure how we got to his surprising suggestion. I think we were discussing how his niece had invested most of her life in a sub par romantic relationship with a loser of a guy. And my dad does not want his daughters to go down that same futile, painful path. And he knows the pickings are slim in these parts. Partners are not guaranteed. And also he knows that a girl has needs. So why not hire a male escort – right?  My father is nothing if not logical and practical (oh and yes blunt).

But he may be onto something. There was a recent article in The Daily Beast on how young career women are turning to escort services for male companionship.  It’s strategic, efficient, and apparently effective. Here are the benefits according to the article.



escort service benefits



Now what would you do? I’m not quite there yet.



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