10 Dec

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Today two of my coworkers were complaining about their slothful, non-cooking husbands.

It started off harmless enough.

One coworker (let’s call her Tamar) was patting herself on the back for getting her two young boys up, fed, clothed, out of the house and to daycare while successfully making it to work by 7:30AM (earlier than Tamar’s usual start time). Understandably so, Tamar was annoyed that her husband did not contribute to the effort.

My other coworker (let’s call her Jamilah) chimed in and said that it [marriage] doesn’t get any better as time goes on. She frankly shared that her husband was able to adequately feed himself prior to their union and he even managed to prepare a meal or two for them. Unfortunately for Jamilah, this man no longer knows what the inside of a kitchen looks like. He arrives home from their workday prior to Jamilah and waits for her to cook dinner. And to Jamilah’s credit, she gently nudges her husband by leaving recipes out for him but to no avail. Hubby is not taking the bait.

Tamar then shared that one day her better-half called her to ask how to make pasta.

I sat and listened in irritation.

But I’m the single one, right?






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