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CRWN Magazine

10 Oct



A good friend just shared with me that there’s now a lifestyle magazine dedicated to black women with natural hair – CRWN magazine. The first issue was released back in August. I have yet to purchase it. It’s a hefty $20, but perhaps it’s as thick as a book? Maybe? Hopefully? Apparently, CRWN will not only feature everyday black women rocking natural styles but will also include topics of gender, politics, fashion, and so on. Sounds and looks good to me.


And back to Solange’s slayage, she released a short film on the creative process she underwent when producing A Seat at the Table. She wrote all the songs. What talent! And the legendary Raphael Saadiq laid the foundation for Cranes in the Sky. I should have known. His sound is timeless.

Looky here.



Solange Unleashes the Fire

5 Oct



Since I keep paying for this url, then I need to type some shit huh? Lol.

Well if you haven’t done so already, do yourself a favor and give Solange’s latest album A Seat at the Table a listen. I bought it today and absolutely love it. It’s intelligent, earnest, and eclectic. This album is truly a love song for and about black people with songs like Don’t Touch My Hair, F.U.B.U (for us by us), and the pearls of wisdom dropped by No Limit architect Master P.

Also I’m truly thankful for an album that’s melodically and lyrically diverse. I’m so not in the mood for over-saturated songs about romantic coupling. What can I say? It’s not my mood right now and there are so many topics to explore musically.

My favorite song at the moment (if I had to pick) is Cranes in the Sky. Solange released a video on her web site along with a video for Don’t Touch My Hair.

The video for Cranes in the Sky is included below.

PS Anderson .Paak is worth a listen as well. His latest album Malibu is awesome as well as his prior release Venice. I think I enjoy Venice more due to the variety of subjects and its high energy. But both are great!

Purple Reign Forever

22 Apr

prince 2

I’m a huge Prince fan and I’m truly saddened by his loss. He was a phenomenal music icon with unparalleled talent. Although I didn’t know him personally (of course), he appeared to have a kind heart and an awesome sense of humor. Who can ask for anything more?  I’m thankful that I had the opportunity to see him perform live in DC a few years back. It was an awesome performance.

I vividly remember (and I don’t remember much) being in my bedroom at my parents house, listening to the song “Purple Rain” over and over and over again. I listened to it so much I scratched the CD. And my first email address was named after one of my favorite Prince songs “Adore.”

I can’t believe he’s gone, but all lives come to an end.

Thank you Prince for sharing your extraordinary gift and spirit with us!



Jessica Williams on Bey’s Halftime Performance

9 Feb

Jessica Williams of The Daily Show gives it to all who were offended by Beyonce’s performance during the Super Bowl halftime show. And she shuts it down. #LovedIt

Continue to slay ladies!




Queen Bey is Back with Formation

7 Feb

If you hadn’t heard, Beyonce released a surprise song/video on Saturday just in time for her Super Bowl Sunday 2016 half-time performance alongside ColdPlay.

There are so many things to unpack in Formation — self-love, black empowerment, female empowerment, the pursuit of the capitalist dream, and the devaluation of black life in the forms of police brutality and the horrific devastation that was Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

I salute Beyonce for bringing to attention to these critical issues and the song definitely has radio appeal. Although I’m not the biggest Beyonce fan, I can certainly appreciate her boldness as she matures and blossoms. No doubt Formation will prove to be the black girl anthem for years to come.

And because this is America where everyone’s trying to get paid, there are t-shirts already for sell referencing the song lyrics.  I won’t front, they cute.

Watch Queen Bey Slay…

Another Round | The Podcast

1 Feb


Another Round

In the midst of this severe television drought, as we eagerly await the return of How to Get Away With Murder, Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead; may I recommend the podcast Another Round. It features two black women writers for BuzzFeed Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton. Their show discusses any and everything from race, cat daddies, politics, squirrels, and dating; you name it. There’s even a drunken debate segment. Yes! You get your freedom and foolishness all in one episode.

During their show Tracy and Heben were blessed with the opportunity to interview two of my favorites — Roxane Gay and Melissa Harris-Perry. Color me green with envy.

If you’re into podcasts, Another Round is definitely worth a listen.

Congrats ladies and much continued success!




Black Girl Magic ~ New Music

10 Nov

Erykah Badu is back with a new song Phone Down. According to Badu the song is for Aubrey, presumably an answer to Drake’s Hotline Bling. Love that video btw.

What do you think about her new tune?  I’m feeling the sentiment.

And Santigold just released my new anthem Can’t Enough of Myself. It’s fun and affirmative. And I’m all about self-love.

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