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Yep – Fuck 2016

15 Nov

Groundbreaking journalist Gwen Ifill lost her battle with cancer. May she rest in peace. Let’s add her to the list of those we’ve lost this year. The American people elected a piece-of-shit President. Congratulations white people, you did it! Close friends of the family are battling serious illnesses. I wish them well. And yeah I still miss Prince.

Here’s to hope for the better in 2017. Perhaps Trump will get impeached? Cross your fingers folks.

Check out this hilariously honest clip from this week’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

And if you haven’t watched the episode in its entirety, you can check it out here.


Issa Rae’s HBO show Insecure has been renewed for a second season; so that’s a bright spot. Find joy where you can.


John Oliver Gives It to the Washington Redskins

10 Nov

On this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took on the Washington Redskins and their owner Daniel Snyder (again). The franchise is fighting back after a federal judge upheld the cancellation of its trademark due to its offensive nature.

Check out the segment below. Sorry for the murky quality. It’s the only version I could embed on my blog. But here’s a clearer clip.

And shout out to the University of Missouri for taking down their racially insensitive/inept administration. It gives one hope. Dave Zirin penned an excellent article on it for The Nation.  Zirin and New Yorker writer and professor Jelani Cobb delved into the matter last night on All In with Chris Hayes.

Fight the power people.

What’s the Deal with DST?

12 Mar

Since Empire is on as I type, I’ll make this a quickie. (I can’t miss Queen Cookie.) Here’s an entertaining and informative video from John Oliver on Daylight Saving Time. I really enjoy his show Last Week Tonight. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, intelligent, and daring. And of course I love the Brits.


I’m still adjusting to the time change. I do enjoy longer summer days though. Why don’t we just switch to DST all year around? Some countries have actually adopted the measure. Here’s an article supporting permanent DST.

John Oliver on Love

29 Oct

john oliverA black girl has been busy and particularly lazy in the blogging arena.

So I am looking for a new job; I’d like to experience this Mo Money, Mo Problems notion that Puff Daddy and Biggie rapped about in the 90s.  My office is moving moved deeper into Virginia which as a Marylander I am not too pleased with; additional motivation to jump ship. And my already overly-taxing position has been amped up to DEFCON 5 level in preparation for the the big move. I’ve taken up running in the evenings to deal with the stress. Better to exercise than cultivate a heroin habit at the age of 36 right?

My attempts at dating remain unfruitful. The last guy I met up with told me that “I needed to take what I could get.” This after I declined his invite to my home for movie night. I’m tired of negroes inviting themselves over sans provocation. And why John thought he could come over when our initial face-to-face was 24 hours prior is beyond me. Two days in and you already know where I live? No thanks stranger danger. I don’t even know your last name (and I still don’t).

Anywho I thought these snippets from by John Oliver were rather hilarious and telling.

Would you lock that shit down?

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